Turn the memory of a place into art for the modern home

Design your own floating cut paper map artwork of anywhere in the world with custom text labels

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How it works


Our easy-to-use map editor allows you to choose any location in the world and write your own text labels. Try it out!


Using a combination of hand-crafting and laser cutting techniques we create your unique map.


We hand-frame your bespoke map in our luxury floating frame design and post it to your door.

Highest quality materials

The oatmeal coloured background paper is a woven texture, produced by Takeo and imported from Japan.

The maps themselves are cut from the finest paper produced by G. F. Smith, established in 1885.

The custom map is placed between two crystal acrylic glass sheets and floats immaculately 5mm over the backing paper, creating gorgeous shadows within the casing.

Preview a map

The Monomap frame

Art-grade acrylic glass
Mount card
Paper map
Art-grade acrylic glass
Background paper
Backing board

Gallery-quality framing

We use handmade luxury frames from highly refined Araucaria pine moulding.

The fine paper cut map is suspended between high-grade clear acrylic glass and assembled into the frame ready to go on your wall.

Preview a map


We create unique maps to match the specified design you create using the editor tool, cut it out and frame it for you. We then post it to your door.
Using the editor tool, you can see a preview of the final artwork. You choose your location, zoom level and text labels. These shape is then cut out of a sheet of cartridge paper and framed. The final map is held between 2 sheets of acrylic glass so the map appears to float inside the framed casing.
London, UK
Your map production will take about 5 days. Then shipping will take 3 days if posted to UK. Internationally, shipping takes 5-15 days depending on the country.
Framed maps are securely wrapped with bubblewrap and bespoke cardboard boxes to minimise any chance of damage during transit.
Please get in contact with us immediately, we'll look into it for you.
The customer is liable to pay customs duties and taxes.
If you cancel your order before we have entered production on your bespoke map product, you will receive a full refund. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund once the map has been produced due to the highly customised nature of our products designed to the customers' specifications. If you do wish to cancel an order, please do get in contact and we will try to help as much as we can.
Of course! You can buy as many as you like. Different map designs should be added to the basket separately. If you wish to have multiple copies of the same design, this can be done during checkout.
All our maps are only sold in frames. This is due to the delicate nature of the final artwork. Displaying them properly is a fine art which we have refined over the years so we don't recommend trying to do it yourself.

Get in touch

If you have any questions please drop us an email at hello@monomap.co.uk